Submit Your Book For Review

How to Submit Your Book for a Review

Congratulations! You have written a book and you should be very proud. I must be honest with you to let you know how important book reviews are for you. Frankly, reviews drive sales. Put yourself in the driver’s seat, then you go to Amazon or Goodreads, do you read the reviews? Of course you do. We all do.

The reality of the matter it is hard to get a qualified review for your book. I’m here to help. I will read, yes read, and review your book and put the review on the correct page on this website and blog about it. I’m sorry that I can’t do this for free because it does cost me my time and talent. However, I promise that it will be a completely honest review. You will have the opportunity to read the review before I publish it and my opt out of me publishing my review if you are not satisfied.

My fee to read and review your book is $25 for a book under 200 pages, $35 for a book 201-350 pages and $50 for a book 351 pages-500 which in industry standards is very cheap. Basically, it buys my lunch and the coffee I need when reading. Please note that I only accept copyright material.

To get started, this is what I will need from you.
  1. Complete the following form below and submit it.
  2. Pay using the PayPal buttons below for the appropriate length of your novel.
  3. Email me a PDF version of your book to Feel free to protect write, I won’t steal it or publish it. When you get to the notice form below there is a nondisclosure statement agreement between us which is legally binding. Or, if you prefer that I read the Kindle version or paperback version because you want me to post my purchased review on Amazon, you’ll either have to add the amount of the book and shipping costs or Ebook price to  the listed services below so I may become a verified purchaser of your book.
  4. Please give 3-5 days for me to read your book and write your review. If your book is in a que, I will notify you of the extended time. I read and review on a first come first come basis.
  5. Wait, while I read and write your novel’s review. I will notify you by email when I have finished my review and attach. Once written, it is yours to use for any additional purposes you see fit for marketing and posting to your social sites as long as it is unaltered and my name as the reviewer remains.






Now that you have made your order, Dr. Michael will contact you.  If you have any questions email her at Thank you for trusting me, and I look forward to reading your novel.

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