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You have spend weeks, months, or years to write your book, now it is time to publish it. For most new authors, they are at a loss as to how to publish, where to publish, and how to distribute their books. That’s why Absolute Author Publishing House (AAHP) was established — to help seasoned and new authors to publish.

Are we a traditional publishing house?

The fact is, we are very traditional in our way of thinking coming from the publishing industry; however, we recognize that most traditional publishing houses are struggling to keep their doors open. Why? Many authors are now self-publishing leaving out publishing houses. However, as an author, you need many services to get published and to sell your books. These services include:

  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • ISBN
  • Marketing materials
  • Press releases
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • and more.

With us, we can do all of that and guide your through the process without breaking your bank account. Here is what we are about.

Who we are?

Absolute Author Publishing House, (AAPH), an American business, and we assist authors in publishing their books. We can sell you an ISBN under our banner, and you will not be self-published. You maintain all rights – copyright and distribution rights and we DO NOT take any of your royalties. It is a win-win for you.

Please do your research before you accept a FREE ISBN from Amazon or Ingramspark. If you do, they will own your distribution rights and not you. Read their fine print. Also, you will not be able to sell your book in a bookstore because they will not take it if Amazon or another company owns the distribution rights. You may research this on Google by searching why you shouldn’t accept a free ISBN.

What is the agreement between AAPH and the author?

The agreement to publish with us is contractually bound here when you purchase an ISBN from us. You keep all copyright and distribution rights, and we do not take any royalties. We are not a distribution house or a distributor, places like Amazon and Ingramspark, or distributors where you upload the book, and they sell them or print on demand. WE DO NOT PRINT OR DISTRIBUTE…. We offer services to get you published. You decide what level of services you need. If you need editing, we have the best editors available. If you need help with a cover design, we have some of the best designers in the business. It really is that simple. When you book is ready to publish, you submit it to us for our review. If it meets industry publishing standards, e.g., formatted correctly, edit and free of errors, correct size, copyright page with disclaimer etc. we will review it we will let you know if we will accept it for us to issue the ISBN.

If it does not meet industry publication standards, we will let you know why with specific recommendations. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE OUR EDITING SERVICES, FORMATTING SERVICES ETC. The only thing we ask is that you get the issues resolved before resubmitting to us. The good news is that if you do choose one of our staff to edit or format, we can almost guarantee that your book will meet industry standards.

Can you distribute my book on Amazon?

Many authors are confused as to what a publisher does and what a distributor does. Some companies are both a publisher and distributor, but Absolute Author Publishing House only publishes, which means issues the ISBN for the Library of Congress In-Publication Catalogue and makes certain that your book meets industry standards. That’s what makes your book published. A distributor takes your completed manuscript and sells it. They do keep some of your royalties, print on demand, and send your book out. If you need help uploading your book to KDP, we can guide you on that. Again, you keep all of your royalties.

Can AAPH get my book in a brick and mortar bookstore?

To get in a brick and mortar store is a process in of itself. It takes the author to go and meet with the manager of a store, bring them your sell sheet, and offer to do a book signing. If they like your book, etc., they purchase wholesale copies for the book and schedule a book signing. That is not something I nor anyone else can do for you. However, here is a lesson for you. A bookstore will not take a self-published author because the self-published ISBNs do not appear in the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS IN PUBLICATION DATA. However, they do accept the ISBNs from my AAPH and most of our authors have their books in Barnes and Noble etc.

Another lesson, DO NOT CHOOSE NONEXPANDED DISTRIBUTION ON AMAZON, WHICH IS OFFERED AT A HIGHER ROYALTY unless you only what to sell your book on Amazon. If you do, you can’t put it in a bookstore; their rules, Amazon’s. However, when you check EXPANDED DISTRIBUTION you can upload your book and sell it on multiple platforms. There is a lot to learn in the publishing world and I have been doing this for years. I know the ropes. If you

Why you should not accept a free ISBN.

Please do your research before you accept a FREE ISBN from Amazon or Ingramspark. If you do, they will own your distribution rights and not you. Read their fine print. Also, you will not be able to sell your book in a bookstore because they will not take it if Amazon owns the distribution rights. You may research this on Google by searching why you shouldn’t accept a free ISBN. If I can assist you in any other way with your publishing or marketing needs, I offer several gigs. Please take the time to review my dashboard to determine the other services you might benefit from to publish or market your book.

What genres do you take?

Here at AAPH we are open to all genres. However, we will not publish hatred, racist, white supremacists, nonfiction that promotes sex trafficking, drugs, or other illegal activities. We reserve this right. We do publish both fiction and nonfiction in the following categories. For the list of genres, review the PDF below.


If I publish with AAPH, do you market my book?

Please know that we do promote our authors in a variety of ways. We frequently post blogs to announce our new authors and issue press releases. However, if you are asking if we do a full blown marketing blitz campaign for each book, we don’t because, frankly, we don’t take any royalties from you. The only fees we ever charge you are for the individual services you want which includes marketing your book. If you are interested in our marketing services this is what we do.

To market your book to the #1 New Release takes a strategy, a proven strategy. Our strategy to market your book is spelled out in the book HOW TO LAUNCH AND MARKET A BOOK: SIX MONTH COUNTDOWN by Dr. Melissa Caudle who is also the co-owner of AAPH. What we do to market your book is listed below.

  1. We analyze all marketing materials you currently have including your manuscript, cover, and your author website.
  2. We create a marketing action plan based on what I see.
  3. We create all marketing materials including:
  • Sell sheet,
  • Book ads (50),
  • A cover reveal trailer,
  • A flipbook trailer,
  • A quote or synopsis trailer,
  • Write and distribute your press release to hundreds of news sites including ABC, NBC, Fox etc.,
  • We generate ten Listopia Lists for your book.
  • We drive traffic to your URL to purchase your book through our new software EZ Book  Blaster
  • Author Interview on our blog and the blog written by Dr. Melissa Caudle
  • And more. MUCH MORE.

The process is very extensive.

If I purchase your marketing gig, can AAPH guarantee that my book will open up as the #1 New Release on Amazon.

NO! We cannot guarantee your book will open up as the #1 New Release as many factors must be considered. However, most of our books do as we use our unique software, EZ BOOK BLASTER.


What will I need to submit to AAPH if I want to purchase the marketing gig.

When you book this gig, you will need to submit:

  1. Your book cover front in a jpeg
  2. Your book cover, spine, a back in a PDF
  3. Your name
  4. Your book title
  5. Your website link
  6. Your blog link
  7. A PDF of your book or the word document so I can get inserts.
  8. Any reviews you have
  9. Any marketing materials you already have; e.g., mock up ads, trailers, sell sheets etc.
  10. Link to purchase the book
  11. Is your book published, in pre-order, are your about to set the date for the book launch?
  12. Your publisher

From there, we will evaluate everything and generate a marketing plan specific to your needs.

I keep hearing about your new software EZ BOOK BLASTER. What is it?

EZ Book Blaster is a software program developed by Absolute Author Publishing House for authors to increase their SEO rankings by sending real visitors to search engine results pages and drive organic traffic to fiction or nonfiction book sales link, an author’s website, a book’s trailer, or blog.

Do I need any special skills to use EZ Book Blaster?

Not at all. You don’t need any special skills or experience. To use this revolutionary software, once you purchase and register the program, you log in. Here is the log in screen. Pretty simple to use, don’t you think?

login screen

Once logged in, you fill out the following information:

The Book’s Title

Copy and past your Url you want to drive traffic to.

Click to find your genre.

Choose how much traffic you want to send to the link.

Then activate the campaign and let EB Book Blaster do the rest.

Here is the application screen.


What can I do with EZ Book Blaster?

  • Increase visits to your website or blog
  • Automatically generate quality traffic to your book’s sale’s Url on any platform including Amazon and Ingramspark
  • Increase leads that turn into buyers who turn into readers

Is EZ Book Blaster for PC or Mac?

At this time, we are only for PC. We are in the developmental stage to offer a Mac version.


Wait! EZ BOOK BLASTER is a software. Where can I get it so I can promote my books myself?

We are glad you asked, but currently, the software is in the Beta Testing process. As soon as it is ready, we’ll let you know. However, if you are interested in beta testing the software, reach out to


Do you offer a press release service if an author is not published through AAPH?

We as a publishing do not. However, Dr. Melissa Caudle does on Fiverr. If you are interested in a press release contact her at

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