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Tell your readers a little about yourself; where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

I was born in Brooklyn and attended school in Philadelphia, where I graduated from the University of the Arts. Nowadays, I live in Buck’s County, PA. I love the water. Besides being a passionate angler, I’m also a dedicated conservationist. I like to stay active. My hobbies include fishing, boating, boxing, and the collection of fossils and antiquities. At home, I share my office with my daughter’s cat, Mace, an outsized Lynx Point Siberian Forest Cat with a particularly wry sense of humor. When he’s not lying in wait for me underneath some piece of furniture, the “Minister of Fluff” sleeps on my desk as I write.

How has your hobby of angler fishing enhanced your plots?

Grouper-B_W-2-1I’m a firm believer that being able to draw from personal experience contributes to more realistic writing. A lot of my novels include very intense marine scenes, both above and below the surface. At the risk of sounding egotistical, I’ve seen other authors who have tried writing in the same vein, only to fail to achieve a suspension of disbelief. Let’s face it; it’s hard to describe the lung-searing, tendon-tearing strain of holding on for dear life as a 12-foot shark screams line off your reel and nearly pulls you over the side unless you’ve experienced it firsthand.

What inspired you to write this book saga?

The basic idea behind Kronos Rising – the principal characters, set pieces, etc. – was in my head for ages. I was hesitant about starting the project, however. It was intimidating. I knew KR was going to be a big book and I wanted it to be terrific. I think what finally inspired me was a 2002 trip I took to the Florida Keys. I was in Marathon, and I had the chance to board the sistership to Hemingway’s beloved Pilar. I sat in “Papa’s” fighting chair, at his writing desk, and even got to tap away at the typewriter he used to write The Old Man and the Sea. It was strange, but it was like he was whispering in my ear. I just knew the time was right for me to begin my journey.

The Kronos Book Saga


Steve refused to surrender. Even though he knew the creature was right behind him, he wouldn’t quit. He would make it. Just as that beacon of hope began to shine down upon him, the bright sun overhead vanished from view. Confused, he gazed wide-eyed as the daylight grew dim. Then he realized the ultimate horror: the creature had overtaken him, its jaws opened wide.Kronos Cover 3D

He was in its mouth.

A coastal community faces the wrath of a prehistoric marine predator in Max Hawthorne’s heart-pounding new novel, Kronos Rising.

Devastated by his wife’s tragic drowning, Olympic hopeful Jake Braddock turns his back on fame and fortune and retreats to his childhood home of Paradise Cove, Florida. He accepts the job of the town sheriff, hoping to find the solace he so desperately craves.

He finds anything but.

A series of horrifying deaths and disappearances send a flood of panic through the idyllic town. It is only after the ravaged carcass of a full-grown whale surfaces, however, that the real terror begins.

Soon Jake finds himself drawn into an ancient mystery – a mystery that ends with him adrift at sea, battling for survival against the deadliest predator the world has ever seen. It is a creature whose ancestors ruled the prehistoric seas. Now freed after eons of imprisonment, it has risen to reclaim the oceans of the world as its own.



Kraken 1 cover 3D“People’s Choice Award – 2016 Book of the Year”

Thirty years have passed since the destruction of Paradise Cove. Since then, pliosaurs the size of whales have wreaked havoc on the world’s oceans. Despite tragic losses, Garm Braddock and his brother Dirk wage a bloody war of attrition against the voracious marine reptiles: Garm from the helm of the anti-biologic submarine Gryphon and his brother from the top-secret military research facility known as Tartarus. In spite of ongoing attempts to destroy them, the prehistoric predators that rose from the ashes of Diablo Caldera continue to multiply. They are bringers of death, and via more than just their deadly jaws. Their blood contains a primeval pathogen so virulent that, left unchecked, could spell the end of mammalian life. Meanwhile, in the icy darkness of the deep, an evil as ancient as the dinosaurs stirs in response to the changes in Earth’s oceans. Rising hungrily to the surface, it brings with it an intellect as cold as the abyss and an irrepressible need to destroy and devour. And conquer.



book 2THE SAURIAN WAR RAGES ON Unaware of the brutal battle that has just taken place between Ursula, the giant Megalodon shark, and the macropliosaur designated Typhon, Dr. Derek “Dirk” Braddock seizes upon his mentor Eric Grayson’s absence and launches a dual-pronged mission into Earth’s bloodstained seas. His brother Garm, commanding the anti-biologic submarine Gryphon, is assigned the dubious task of hunting down and exterminating Typhon.

Meanwhile, Natalya Dragunova, captain of the Antrodemus, prepares to penetrate the perilous waters of Diablo Caldera – the Cretaceous-era lake from which the savage pliosaurs originated. Neither of them has any idea what is waiting for them. Soon, Dirk’s investigation into his mother’s untimely death uncovers a shocking truth: one that, when revealed, will shake the research facility known as Tartarus, and his world, to the core. Malevolent forces are at work that Dirk is unaware of, and he soon finds himself fighting not only for his life but the lives of everyone he loves. Meanwhile, lurking in the darkness of Tartarus’s abyssal depths, the ultimate horror awaits . . .



“One of 2016’s Top Ten Books” – AUTHORSdb


book4Barreling along a hundred feet beneath the surface, the giant predator gained swiftly on its prey. Fifty yards ahead, a school of chrome-colored fish fled terror-stricken before it. Measuring close to twenty feet in length, the enormous descendants of the prehistoric fish Xiphactinus audax were, themselves, top predators, each tipping the scales at over three thousand pounds. Compared to the whale-sized nightmare that pursued them, however, the toothy, tarpon-like creatures were little more than a snack.

Before the nightmare that would become KRONOS RISING was unleashed, it was first contained in . . . DIABLO.

Nestled off the coast of Cuba and shielded by impenetrable reefs of razor-sharp rock, stands Diablo Caldera. To the rest of the world, the extinct, bowl-shaped volcano is hardly worth exploring. But the caldera has a secret. Its isolated saltwater lake has remained untouched since the fall of the dinosaurs.

Inside this hellish aquarium are the deadliest marine predators the world has ever seen. Imprisoned behind towering walls of volcanic rock since the Cretaceous, and warded by a mysterious race, Diablo’s savage inmates rule with flipper and fang the only world they have ever known.

But something is about to change. The prison that is Diablo is beginning to fail, and soon it will unleash into the unsuspecting Atlantic a primeval fury the likes of which it has never before known.

It is one hundred tons of death. And it likes to eat. 



book 5Ron charged again, powering his way past the jolts of pain. He smashed into the nearest intruder with bone-jarring force, grappling with him, tearing at him. The struggle intensified as the two rolled around on the alley’s blood-soaked cobblestones. The second creature joined in the battle, striking at his head with a hard stick in an effort to aid his comrade.
Ron laughed.

The intruders were pathetically weak. He could sense it. He snatched the light from the closer one and backhanded him across the face with it, sending him sprawling. Then he turned toward the other one. He was stumbling backward, clawing at his hip, and obviously terrified.

Amused, Ron turned away and focused on the one on the ground. He took a deep whiff, smelling the hot blood that ran in rivulets from the downed newcomer’s brow, and listened to the jackhammer beating of his heart.
More food.


Three weeks have passed since the monstrous Kronosaurus imperator’s attack on Harcourt Marina stunned the world. The death toll was horrifying, but Paradise Cove’s traumatized survivors soon discover they have more to worry about than burying their dead and rebuilding their shattered lives.

Accompanying the pliosaur were hordes of primeval pathogens. With their host destroyed, the surviving Cretaceous-era bacteria must find new homes for themselves. They do: tiny, bipedal life forms whose warm, iron-rich blood provides perfect growing conditions. The pathogens begin to multiply and spread, their mutagenic qualities quickly warping their unwitting host’s delicate bodies and minds. Soon, the infected are transformed into mindless beasts, consumed with a burning hunger for flesh.
And like all ravening beasts, they must feed.

AWARD: 2016 Gold Medal Winner (horror category) – AUTHORSdb
Book Four in the terrifying Kronos Rising series (includes bonus novelette – KRONOS RISING: DIABLO)


Who is your target audience and why?

My target audience is anyone who enjoys a good adrenaline-pumping, bite-your-nails kind of read. Naturally, if you’re a fan of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park books, my work is tailor-made for you, but I write for everyone, not just thriller/horror aficionados. The spotlight in Kronos Rising is shared between two principal protagonists, Jake Braddock, and Amara Takagi. Jake and Amara are unique, but also damaged physically, and/or spirituality.  It’s their struggles to overcome not only the many protagonists they face but also their own inner demons as well that appeals to a larger audience than one would think. Readers can relate to them and may find inspiration. I was privileged to have retired movie star Mara Corday edit my manuscript, and I was touched by her feedback. Mara typically enjoys romance novels and expected my story to be a bit of a stretch. As it turned out, however, from the opening scene she was so into the story that she would harass me every other day for the next chapter so she could get her Kronos Rising “fix.”  

What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

I think it’s a combination of two things — the accumulated experiences brought on by my adventurous lifestyle and the fact that I am innately artistic. Even as a child I could draw, paint, and sculpt. I attended an art college, and my original field of study was film and animation. So, for me, the writing process basically entails me converting what I see in my mind into the written word. When it flows, it flows easily and naturally, and it’s a blessing to be able to make people feel like they’re really there, watching a scene unfold. In my reviews, a description of this usually sounds like, “I felt like I was watching a movie; I could see it happening in my head”. For me, as an author, there’s no higher form of flattery. 

Tell me a little about your podcast and where to listen in on it?

My podcast is Max Hawthorne’s Marine Mysteries, and it’s a monthly show done on Blog Talk Radio. My co-host and I typically discuss unsolved sightings of strange marine animals, like bus-sized sea turtles, extant mosasaurs, and even the legendary Kraken. I take questions from readers and also raffle off a prize among those who have had their question read on the air. If you go on Facebook and look up the MHMM group, all the episodes are there.

What is your next book? Tell us about it.

I’m currently penning Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 3), the 6th book in the Kronos Rising series. It picks up where the last novel, Kronos Rising: Kraken (vol. 2) left off. For anyone interested, there is a downloadable excerpt for this book as well as excerpts from each of the full-length novels on the link below.


What other books have you written?

book 6I have another book called Memoirs Of A Gym Rat: One man’s 20-year journey through the bowels of the health club industry. There are the sadistic personal trainers, who seem to enjoy your physical pain a bit too much. There are the slimy sales reps, who forever dream up new ways to strong-arm your paycheck from you. And there are the locker room Lotharios, who bed as many women as they can do push-ups. A body with abs of steel is just one of the things you can get at a health club; some of the other things may not be as desirable. Ask Max Hawthorne, an industry veteran of more than twenty years, with countless experiences on the seamy side of the steam room, where sex, steroids, and membership cons pile up like used gym towels. Memoirs of a Gym Rat is his jaw-dropping exposé of the outrageous, tawdry, and despicable cast of characters that gravitate to the workout room. A hilarious survival guide for the fitness-minded, this salacious tell-all shares a collection of anecdotes surrounding the appalling behind-the-scenes shenanigans that occur in health clubs, both during and after business hours. From the endless ‘sexcapades’ to the unsavory tactics designed to ensure your health club contract lives longer than you do, Memoirs of A Gym Rat also serves up plenty of sound advice on navigating this pervasive culture, so that you can enjoy getting ripped – without getting ripped off. From one shocking encounter to the next, Hawthorne paints a lurid, sweaty world rife with casual romps on the exercise floor, and anabolic steroids on overload in the locker room. Find out all about the sex, drugs, and barbell curls that are on fitness regimens in this rare look at the scandalous culture that runs rampant in health clubs. With raw honesty and twisted wit, Hawthorne bares all the dirty little secrets that will leave you spent from laughter while helping you keep your fitness goals (and sanity) on track.


Tell your readers anything else you want to share.

I’m very gregarious when it comes to interacting with readers, and I can often be reached via social media like Facebook if you ever want to say hi. My new author’s website just went live, and I hope you get to visit it. Also, if you have Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, many of my books are available through it. Lastly, thank you for allowing me and my monsters into your hearths and hearts. It’s an honor to be there.

-Max Hawthorne  


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