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KEELANWhat is your name, the name of your book, the genre and if it is fiction, or non-fiction? His Mighty Hand – Half-Light and His Mighty Hand – Pitch Black, psychological suspense, fiction.

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. Let them get to know you. I am a writer of fiction and short stories. I also have a blog about creative living. I used to write for Vintage Life Magazine. I currently write for different online publications and I’m writing the third book of my trilogy. I have two kids and write when they’re asleep!

Who published your book and the year. If you are self-published, say that and be proud of it. Self-Published

What is the reason you wanted to become a writer? Even when I want to, I can’t stop.

Are there any authors who influenced you the most? If so, who and why? Sylvia Plath – her beautifully simple prose

Who is your target audience? Why? Any adult looking for an addictive new read.

Tell the readers what your book is about. It is all right to use your book’s synopsis, but if you make it personable, you are more likely to engage your reader. My book is about the chaotic relationship between two sufferers of mental illness. They meet online and fall in love. They live 3000 miles apart, one partner has warrants for his arrest and thousands of dollars in unpaid child support, but is their love strong enough to overcome every obstacle?


Tell us a little about your protagonist – the main character. She is independent, resilient and high spirited, but she doesn’t know it.

Tell us a little about about your antagonist in your book. He has a soft side that draws the reader and the protagonist in.

What was the most challenging part of writing this book? The emotional parts that made me relive events from my own life.

Where did you get your inspiration for the plot and the characters of your book if is is fiction. If it is non-fiction, where did your inpiration come from? My own life

What would you hope a reader would get by reading your book? Insight into dealing with mental illness and abuse. I hope they will be touched by the story and reassess certain things that are taken for granted in our society. For example, the provision of mental healthcare.

How do you deal with writer’s block? Keep writing and edit after or write about something different until inspiration strikes again.

Describe for our readers your routine of writing. I write 2000 words a day.

Please list other books you have published. If this is your first, say it and be proud. These are my first two published books.

With so much competion and so many books, why should a reader purchase yours over another? It deals with so many modern issues and gives insight into living with the things people might be ashamed to talk openly about.

What are your future plans in writing? Do you have something special up your sleeve. I have about 4 ideas waiting in my brain for new books.

Do you have a book trailer?: No

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