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Attachment_1564930794Jessica Sims is a poet, writer, and author of the novel Finding Home who has joined the ranks of Absolute Author Publishing House with an epic first debut as a novelist. We are proud to have Jessica as one of our authors. A professionally trained (88M) US Army and Corrections Officer Georgia Department of Corrections as well as a Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, she has spent the last few years reading and writing novels that bring her characters to life leaving readers imaginations with a twist of uncertainty to sheer certainty. She started out writing songs and quickly realized that she had a real love with the art of storytelling. Jessica lives in Phenix City, Alabama, where she is enjoying the retired life and spending time with her grandchildren, Amere and Jessica.

Her drive is to write books that readers will want to read from beginning to end without putting down. With her extended stays in several states and her living in the Republic of Panama growing up as a military brat, Jessica is versatile and can relate to all people on all levels. Being born in Alabama in a small town during a time when segregation was still okay, Jessica was able to put her heart into her debut novel Finding Home.

“Find your purpose in the true adventure of faith.”

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Tell your readers a little about yourself. Where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

Attachment_1564930794My name is Jessica Sims I am the second of four children. Born in Alabama but growing up a military brat I lived all over the United States and spent three years living in the Republic of Panama. I currently reside in Phenix City Alabama. I studied Business Management at New World Business college back in 1986 working with Tandy 2000 computers when computers were not an everyday household item. Shortly after that, I studied accounting at George C. Wallace in Selma, Alabama. Then, I joined the military. When my tour was up I moved to Columbus Ga and worked various jobs before becoming a Corrections Officer obtaining a degree in Social and Criminal Justice. Somewhere between then and now I found Jesus and my life has been filled with nothing but joy every since because I discovered one very important thing and that is that you have to thank God the most when times are bad in order to genuinely appreciate the times that are good.

finding home

I began writing as an author about three years ago. I have always written poems and songs but it seemed like after the song or poem and there was still so much that I had to say then one day the holy spirit came to me and said put it in a book. So that is what I have been doing putting my stories in book form. That way I am able to tell my story from start to finish. I have always been good at getting people to listen to what I had to say for some reason. Maybe it is the fact that I look like I have a lot to say or maybe it’s my southern accent. That quality along with a vivid imagination and a photographic memory has enabled me to write some really heartfelt stories.

I have had dreams of becoming an author for years. I have always been somewhat of a daydreamer thinking about what-ifs and I wander whys. I am a very family-oriented person believing our children are what they see in us that is why I try to keep my grandchildren in the word of God just as my mother did with my children. I am a very quiet person but I have been told that when I do say things they are not only Valuable but powerful as well.

What inspired you to write this book? What inspired me to write this particular book?

Finding Home was the fact that during the civil war era there were so many young black men who were separated from their families either by simply walking off for whatever reason and never returning or being killed.