I keep hearing about Absolute Author’s new software EZ BOOK BLASTER. What is it?

EZ Book Blaster is a software program developed by Absolute Author Publishing House for authors to increase their SEO rankings by sending real visitors to search engine results pages and drive organic traffic to fiction or nonfiction book sales link, an author’s website, a book’s trailer, or blog.

Do I need any special skills to use EZ Book Blaster?

Not at all. You don’t need any special skills or experience. To use this revolutionary software, once you purchase and register the program, you log in. Here is the log in screen. Pretty simple to use, don’t you think?

login screen

Once logged in, you fill out the following information:

The Book’s Title

Copy and past your Url you want to drive traffic to.

Click to find your genre.

Choose how much traffic you want to send to the link.

Then activate the campaign and let EB Book Blaster do the rest.

Here is the application screen.


What can I do with EZ Book Blaster?

  • Increase visits to your website or blog
  • Automatically generate quality traffic to your book’s sale’s Url on any platform including Amazon and Ingramspark
  • Increase leads that turn into buyers who turn into readers

Is EZ Book Blaster for PC or Mac?

At this time, we are only for PC. We are in the developmental stage to offer a Mac version.


Wait! EZ BOOK BLASTER is a software. Where can I get it so I can promote my books myself?

We are glad you asked, but currently, the software is in the Beta Testing process. As soon as it is ready, we’ll let you know. However, if you are interested in beta testing the software, reach out to carol.absoluteauthor@gmail.com.