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What is your name, the name of your book, the genre and if it is fiction, or non-fiction?

sarah author picMy name is Elizabeth Bromke, and I just released Christmas on Maplewood Mountain a fictional holiday romance.

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. Let them get to know you.: I am a mother and wife and teacher of ten years.

I have written stories since I was a child, but I finally took the plunge to start working on publishing this fall. I enjoy baking, movies, family time, and (of course) reading!

Who published your book and the year. If you are self-published, say that and be proud of it.

I self published this title in November 2018.

What is the reason you wanted to become a writer?

I have always loved writing, probably because of how much I love reading. I really started dedicating myself to the craft when I noticed that, simply-put, it gave me a spark! An added happiness.

Are there any authors who influenced you the most? If so, who and why?

I would say that Beverly Cleary, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, and Mitch Albom were influential for me. I love reading their books so much, that I wanted to do what they do!

Who is your target audience? Why?

Women ages 20-199 who love happy endings

Tell the readers what your book is about. It is all right to use your book’s synopsis, but if you make it personable, you are more likely to engage your reader.

It’s December, and Mary Delaney has little to show for her tenth year at Wood Smoke Lodge. Her business has been steadily dwindling. Her relationship prospects, too. But, her sister, Anna, has an idea that just could change Mary’s luck. Unfortunately, their own sisterhood might be working against them. Worst of all, it’s all coming to a head during the holidays, making Mary feel lonelier than ever. Meanwhile, Kurt Cutler is living the high life in the tech world. Fresh on the heels of wild success in the uncharted world of cryptocurrency, he looks for a way to ensure his young company doesn’t lose its grip. When his right-hand woman suggests a get-away at her sister’s snowy mountain retreat, he jumps on the opportunity to unplug and unwind. If Mary’s sister, Anna, can back off, Mary has every chance of enjoying the magic of the holidays. But when Mary and Kurt have to choose between love and their own priorities, what will win? Find out if a wintry weekend can become more for people from opposite worlds in Elizabeth Bromke’s heart-warming romance, Christmas on Maplewood Mountain.

christmas in maple wood

Tell us a little about your protagonist – the main character.

Mary Delaney is a hard-working, independent woman who has carved out a life for herself in her hometown. She’s proud of the fact that she didn’t run away to chase a pipe dream. Instead, she has made her own happiness. But she sees that she could do even better, which is why she lets her sister help her with business decisions. She’s not looking for love, but she welcomes it.

Tell us a little about about your antagonist in your book.

Mary’s sister, Anna, is adamantly opposed to Mary being interested in Anna’s boss. It’s uncomfortable, but also- Anna has a secret crush on Kurt.

What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

The editing process became more drawn out than I had anticipated. Working with a deadline became stressful, but it was also exciting.

Where did you get your inspiration for the plot and the characters of your book if is is fiction. If it is non-fiction, where did your inpiration come from?

I was inspired to write a sisters story because I come from a big family with lots of aunts… but no sisters! I always wanted a sister growing up. I am fascinated by family dynamics.

What would you hope a reader would get by reading your book?

I hope a reader gets a sense of contentment and feels geared up for Christmas.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Frankly, it has yet to be an issue for me. I just write through it any time I become stumped. It’s worked out so far.

Describe for our readers your routine of writing.

First, I put together a general outline and family tree/character tree. Then, I sit down and get to it. I save revisions and edits for once I have a complete manuscript. Then, I send it off to my beta readers and editors. I do a final edit before hiring help with formatting.

Please list other books you have published. If this is your first, say it and be proud.

This is my first published novel, and I am proud!

With so much competion and so many books, why should a reader purchase yours over another?

This title is a quick and easy read and has already earned all five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s a safe bet for a good story and a happy ending.

What are your future plans in writing? Do you have something special up your sleeve.

I’m finishing the Maplewood Sisters Series now. After this series, I might work backwards and add a prequel.

What is your link to your author website? http://elizabethbromke.com/

Connect to the author on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/elizabethbromke/

If you are a Goodreads author, provide author link. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18554673.Elizabeth_Bromke

Where can our readers purchase your book? Available on Amazon

christmas in maple wood





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