Prior to publishing your book, it is extremely important that you have it professionally edited. As an author, don’t rely on your friends or family to serve as your editor. Why? Simply stated, although they have your best interest in mind, they are not trained nor experienced in editing. A bad editing job may as well be a no editing job. When mistakes are made in the editing process, your book will not sell. Let our team of editors help your book to become error-free.

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What I have found is that many authors do not understand the various types of editors, so I’m going to explain the difference so you can decide on the best editing service you need.

  1. Copy Line Editor – Copy editors or proof editors review and edits your manuscript to correct grammar and sentence structure. They have a keen eye for errors. They do not rewrite your manuscript, but rather correct your mistakes in punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
  2. Line Editor –  A line editor will do the job of a copy editor but will also make recommendations to improve the flow of ideas and to resolve inconsistencies. They see the big picture in a manuscript and determine whether the manuscript fits together in a logical way and will highlight and in some cases rewrite sentences or paragraphs.
  3. Development Editor – Developmental editors work closely with the author to hash out characters, plots, and subplots so the book flows.  They will often help the author to develop the arcs in the novel. Once you work with a development editor, you will still need a line or copy editor prior to publication.
  4. Project Editor – A project editor works with an author from the beginning to the end to keep them on track. They often serve as both a developmental and proof-editor as well as help make decisions on book covers, trailers, and marketing tools all the way through publication in paperback and Ebook. Project editors are by far the most expensive.
  5. Ebook Editor – An Ebook editor converts your manuscript into an Ebook format. To compete in today’s market, you will need for your book to be in both paperback and Ebook. We have several experienced editors who can convert your manuscript into an Ebook. Book our services below.
  6. Audible Editor/Producer – An Audible Editor produces your book into an audible book. This type of editor handles everything from finding the perfect voice to producing your audible book to get it market-ready. You will have to request a custom order to book this service because it all depends on the length of the book and the narrator you choose. Email carol.absoluteauthor@gmail.com for your quote.

Note: When you use a copy or line editor, make sure they offer the service in Microsoft Word where you can track their changes, review them and either accept or reject the changes. Click on the PDF document below for a sample of a tracked change document.

Copy Editing PDF Document


Not only are our editors the best, but they are also experienced and have been vetted by Absolute Author. Here is the good news! We strive to make it easy on our authors who need editing services so we have created a Fiverr gig that way you know that we will deliver as promised.


We offer a cost-effective means for your editing needs depending on the size of your document and what is needed. Our editing includes:

  • Basic copy and line proofreading to correct typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Heavy editing to improve sentence structure, character development, flow, clarity, and syntax
  • A critical review with feedback on how to strengthen your manuscript
  • Rewriting or paraphrasing sentences to include strong verb choice and rid sentences of passive voice writing
  • Comprehensive publishing services, including obtaining the ISBN, cover and back jackets, and managing the entire self-publishing process for you
  • We provide a tracked copy of all our edits


FOR DEVELOPMENTAL EDIT: https://www.fiverr.com/melissacaudle/be-your-developmental-editor-for-your-book

FOR LINE COPY OR COPY EDIT: https://www.fiverr.com/melissacaudle/edit-your-manuscript-or-book