Amara L. Russell


IMG_0414What is your name, the name of your book, the genre and if it is fiction, or non-fiction?: My name is Amara L. Russell, the title of my Novel is, A Rare Diamond, which is an Inspirational Fiction book.

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. Let them get to know you.: I currently attend Full Sail University, pursuing my BFA in Creative Writing. I am recently engaged to a great guy, I have two beautiful children, that I am so proud of, and an amazing and very smart grandson. I have one sibling, she never seems to amaze me, and two beautiful nieces, and a handsome nephew. I absolutely love spending time with family, sharing in laughter, fun, and creating new memories. My hobbies include, writing, cooking, and watching movies. I am also fascinated by unique and creative artwork, I love distinctive pieces. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am a sucker for true love and romance. I absolutely love treating myself to “Spa Day”, it’s my way of exhaling…


510KhWRUXHL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Who published your book and the year. If you are self-published, say that and be proud of it.: My Novel was published by, Palmetto Publishing Group, out of South Carolina, in 2016.

What is the reason you wanted to become a writer?: Writing is my passion, I have been writing since the age of ten. It is who I am, It’s what I do. I love creating characters that my readers can relate to and developing storylines that leave lasting impressions

Are there any authors who influenced you the most? If so, who and why?: Yes, two of my favorite authors are, Kimberla Lawson Roby and Eric Jerome Dickey, why because their books are real. I am intriqued by their style of writing, their characters are relatable and their books always leave me wanting more.

Who is your target audience? Why?: My target audience, is women, young and old. Why, because they will see themselves in my books and be inspired!

Tell the readers what your book is about. It is all right to use your book’s synopsis, but if you make it personable, you are more likely to engage your reader.: A Rare Diamond, is a life-changing and fulfilling read and is for anyone who needs the motivation to break through life’s setbacks and sadness to the other side—where it’s possible to discover how to truly connect with life’s experiences. Readers will meet Celeste, the novel’s startling wise, kind, smart, and inspirational main character, and will follow along with her as she navigates the ins and outs of growing up, all while her faith is tested through many challenges, pain, and suffering. Having lost her mother at the age of five, Celeste was raised by her father and three older brothers. Like many of us, Celeste suffers setbacks—tragedy, broken friendships, and discovering true love, to name a few—yet she learns from her mistakes and always overcomes, as she takes on life by being the light to those around her.

Tell us a little about your protagonist – the main character.: OMG…my Protagonist, Celeste, readers will fall in love with her. She’s a Millennial, driven, filled with ambition and very inspirational. She speaks her mind. Her heart is filled with so much love. Readers will laugh with her, cry with her, and most definitely be inspired by her.

Tell us a little about about your antagonist in your book.: My Antagonist, Michael, is selfish and very arrogant. He’s a womanizer and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He wants Celeste!

What was the most challenging part of writing this book?: The most challenging part was writing the beginning and chapter seven. It was hard having Celeste lose her mom, that tore me apart. Having lost my Mom three years ago, allowed me to go back and rewrite that storyline, as I was then able to relate to my character. And chapter seven, I still cry… going through the motions and having to feel her pain in order to bring that experience of being raped to life was hard. That chapter broke me down. And editing, I hate having to edit my own work.

Where did you get your inspiration for the plot and the characters of your book if is is fiction. If it is non-fiction, where did your inpiration come from?: My inspiration to write this novel, came from life itself, bits and pieces of my life are in the book, and also just from observing and watching those around me. I wanted to write something that women, of all ages could relate to and be inspired by

What would you hope a reader would get by reading your book?: I hope my readers will be inspired to follow their dreams or learn something from the lessons in the book and turn their lives around for the better.

How do you deal with writer’s block?: I pray!

Describe for our readers your routine of writing.: I create an outline for all my characters. I brainstorm and research different settings and locations. I’m always taking notes. Then, I just allow my creativity to flow. I don’t concern myself with grammar, punctuation, or spelling at first, because, If I stopped to correct every error I would never finish. My goal is to always just get it all out. Once completed, I do a brief edit searching for errors, then I send it off to my beta readers to proofread before submitting to my Editor.

Please list other books you have published. If this is your first, say it and be proud.: I published a Trilogy to A Rare Diamond, Book I Shattered Dreams, Book II California Love, and Book III Faith Family Love, and I published a devotional, titled, Nspired.

With so much competion and so many books, why should a reader purchase yours over another?: They will connect with my heart.

What are your future plans in writing? Do you have something special up your sleeve.: Hmmm… absolutely! I’m always working on something. 🙂 Currently in the works, is my book for couples on relationships, Faith, Wine….and Patience. I’m also putting the finishing touches on my children’s book, Precious Stones.

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