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absolute author new log1We at Absolute Author are happy to announce that we have started our new publishing house to help assist authors with their manuscripts. After retiring after twenty-two years from a large publishing company, Dr. Carol Michaels decided that she missed the industry. However, she didn’t want to go back to the large corporate world. She quickly found the answer when she started Absolute Author Publishing House along with best-selling author Dr. Melissa Caudle.

Although you may publish your book yourself, many times for a book to get the recognition it deserves is for it to be published by a company. This is also more true of books when using and assigning ISBN numbers. Yes, there are many companies like Amazon and Kindle who will provide a free ISBN. When that happens, they are listed as the publisher, not you. You really don’t want that. Why? It gives you as a writer less credibility. Also, you may not be able to enter your book into a writing contest because many organizations do not accept self-publication books. More importantly, when you accept a free ISBN you lose your distribution rights and you will not be able to sell your book in a brick and mortar store or placed in a public library. When you go through Absolute Author Publishing House, yes, we will be listed as your publisher. However, you maintain complete control, we do not take any of your royalties, you maintain copyright and you maintain distribution rights. That means you can distribute your book on multiple sites.

Here is what you can expect if you choose Absolute Author Publishing House to publish your next novel.

  • We will only publish books that are edited. You don’t have to hire anyone of our editors, just as long as it is edited professionally.

A publishing editor will read your book and determine if your book is Absolute Author quality. What this means is that it meets the following criteria:

  • Correct industry formatted
  • Error-free which includes grammar, spelling and other pesky items such as missing beginning or end quotes
  • The plot clearly defined, characters developed etc.
  • Is interesting and captivating
  •  A stunning front and back cover

During this review process, we will not be editing your book or writing a review. We no longer write reviews because of the conflict of interest it presents. Our goal during this stage is to determine if your book is ready for publication. Therefore, it will either be accepted as is or rejected. If it is accepted and no revisions are necessary, you will be able to purchase an ISBN number from us which the imprint data will be listed as Absolute Author Publishing House. From there you are free to distribute your book anywhere you like and receive the royalties, not us. Our goal is to only help you get published.

If we deem your book is ready for publication and you don’t know how to publish it on Amazon or Kindle, we can help you with that as well. The good news is this is really the best of both worlds. You maintain control of your book.

What Happens if Absolute Author Rejects Your Book?

You will need to correct the issues we have noted.

  • If we found that your book is in need of editing, seek out editing services either from Absolute Author from our Fiverr gig located at: EDITING GIG or anywhere else you deem appropriate for your work. The level of editing and the type of editing needed can vary from a simple copy or line editor to a developmental editor. If the entire manuscript needs just about everything we will recommend a project editing service.
  • You may have to seek a qualified front and back book designer. We offer that service or you can go anywhere you like.
  • You may need a more powerful synopsis. Again, feel free to use any service.
  • If formatting is the issue, it will need to be fixed.

How much does this cost me?

First, if your book is ready for publication, the only thing you pay for is the ISBN that we secure under Absolute Author Publishing House. We don’t make money from your book, you do. We are only giving you a chance to have a publishing company attached to your book and not have your manuscript listed as published by Amazon. You own the book and maintain the copyright.


We look forward to working with you.

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