The Pitfalls When an Author Converts Their Book to an Ebook Kindle Format

The Pitfalls When an Author Converts Their Book to an eBook Kindle Format

by Dr. Melissa Caudle

Smooth Ebook reading experienceWrite. Edit. Publish. Distribute. The process every published author goes through. Sounds simple enough, but in reality, that four-step process could take months to years for an author to complete. There is one problem with this four-step formula — authors are thinking as writers and not publishers. Nowadays, authors must think like publishers because there are so many books available on just about every topic in the world. For your book to sell, it must meet publishing standards. It isn’t enough for an author to only write, publish their paperback, and then publish their eBook by uploading straight to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). There is so much that goes into formatting; so, why would you skimp when it comes to formatting your Kindle eBook? Don’t you want it perfect like your paperback? You hire editors, you hire cover designers, and sometimes you hire someone to market your paperback book. Why wouldn’t you hire a professional Kindle eBook company to format your manuscript? Don’t you want the best eBook possible?

     When an author attempts to format their eBook for Kindle Direct Publishing, several pitfalls happen to a manuscript — you stand the chance of:

  • not embedding the proper chapter tags,
  • not creating a clickable table of contents,
  • not embedding sections,
  • not embedding proper page breaks,
  • not having your images equally proportioned,
  • not embedding links in the front and back matter, and
  • not having your eBook compatible with all eReaders.

     Ebook formatting process frustratedThen, when the author uploads the file to KDP, they get error messages, and the formatting interior is jumbled. It becomes a vicious circle as you attempt on your own to fix the issue only to cause another. Frankly, it is a headache. Sometimes, the eBook gets approved, although it is a mess, and when your eBook goes on sale on Amazon, viewers can look inside of your book before they buy. If it is a jumbled mess, they pass on your book and move to another, which means you left money on the table. Why would an author risk so much when there is an affordable solution to the eBook Kindle Format sorrows?

    e1 Luckily, there is help for authors who desire a perfect Kindle format eBook that will be compatible with all eReaders. So take a look at Ebookifi, a company that offers Kindle formatting for your eBook. They have converted hundreds of books and they guarantee their work. They want you happy with your eBook, and they bend over backward to make that happen. As a company that focuses on Kindle eBook formatting, they keep up to date on eBook publishing trends including being able to convert eBooks into multiple languages. Face it, readers are used to professional industry standards when they read an eBook, and that is what Ebookifi does. What I find particularly valuable is that every manuscript submitted to Ebookifi is reviewed by one of their professional eBook formatters who are trained. They never use any automation services that turn up junk codes for your readers, and because each manuscript is reviewed by a staff member, they take into consideration your book’s tone and platform. All the hassles go away for you in formatting your eBook, and you get a professionally formatted Kindle eBook.




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