Summer is here! That means that Summer Reading programs are in full swing for children out of school and for parents. Here at Absolute Author Publishing House (AAPH), we are proud of our authors and love to spread the word about them and their books. AAPH has had a lot of success with our authors and several of them have launched their books as the #1 New Release and others are listed as the #1 in their category months after their release. That isn’t an easy task to accomplish.


Our author base is growing and we first want to welcome three new authors to AAPH.  First up is Sue Zook and Mary Lazarski and their new children’s book BECOMING MISS IZZY. (Launches June 17, 2019). This book is fabulous and a must-read summer book for middle school children. We have received more than a dozen reviews — all five-star. Here are two of the latest.


“Becoming Miss Izzy is a coming-of-age story about a fifth-grade girl, Elizabeth Ann Tanlin—or, as her grandmother calls her, Izzy—making the transition from elementary to middle school and coming to terms with the changes and challenges that accompany this significant transition. A running issue that this book explores is Izzy’s relationship with her health, in particular, being overweight. Embedded in the narrative are practical, research-based recommendations for a young person (really, for everyone of all ages) to enact to become healthy in terms of eating, movement/exercise, and emotional wellbeing. To me, an incredibly important aspect of this book is that while adults may particularly approve of its positive messages and instructive elements, middle-school readers will connect with Izzy herself. She will captivate them. She’s a multidimensional protagonist, who has good days, bad days, setbacks, and successes—just like they do. For anyone with an upper-elementary or middle-school child in their life, give them this book, so they can feel heard and seen at this particularly rocky period in their young lives. And you’ll know that at the same time your child is enjoying Becoming Miss Izzy, they are receiving solid instruction on how to navigate this period of their lives in positive, healthy ways.” Nancy Pile, MAT – Former Middle and High School Teacher

“Becoming Miss Izzy was delightful to read. As a woman who has struggled with weight issues since childhood, a teacher for 30 years and the mother of 4, I really appreciate the insight and excellent way in which the author has approached this topic. Through the caring mother character, she has provided the tools to cope with these issues. Not only for the young people facing the challenges but for those who see others going through it.” Fiona Eckersley

You can read more about Sue and Mary on their AAPH subpage where there is an interview or visit http://www.MissIzzy.us. Be sure to follow them on their blog for all things Miss Izzy.


C. J. Kruse

Our next new author is C. J. Kruse and his book HOW TO CALM DOWN. Kruse is not a first-time author by any means; however, he is publishing for the first time with AAPH. Kruse is a father, author, and musician who writes self-help books. We are elated that he has chosen to publish under our banner.  Stay tuned as this book is formatted and made available in the pre-launch stage.

AD1 boooks2


where are you my children - #1 New Release


AAHP wants to congratulate L.A. Davis and Dr. Melissa Caudle on a job well-done. Davis teamed up with Caudle not only on the editing and formatting of WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN?! but also on marketing the book. Davis’ book launched as the #1 New Release on Amazon. On the same day that Davis’ book launched, Caudle’s new novel A.D.AM. THE BEGINNING OF LIFE did too.



Within three hours, Caudle had a total of 9,000 sales for A.D.A.M. THE BEGINNING OF LIFE and her book HOW TO LAUNCH AND MARKET A BOOK rose to the #1, #2, and #6 in three categories and NEVER STOP RUNNING made it into the top 100. That is nothing to sneeze about, now is it?





The third book on our list of summer reading is SCARS OF A MAGICIAN by Robert B Herring Jr. This is a wonderful fantasy tale that I had the honor of editing and publishing with Absolute Author Publishing House last spring. I loved it.




Magic, Werewolves, Spies, Drama. . . Deep in the Old Creek Mountain exists a large village called Seven Moons. It was cloaked by powerful wizards years ago to protect the folks who live there from prying eyes of the world. A young, talented magician named Derrick Blackwell spends a large part of his life with his grandma Sabrina, who is trying to raise him to be respectful and to use better judgment in his everyday life. His parents cared more about work and being undercover spies than being with their own son. Derrick attends school at Seven Moon High, a school for magic and potions. He becomes friends with a girl named Reign Hungry, and soon develops romantic feelings for her. He also befriends Charles Redder, a new transfer student, who’s mysterious at times. A boy named Barrett Bloodstone is always competing against him and sabotaging Derrick’s magic performance from his death-defying and up-close stunts. One day in October, Derrick was walking through the woods and came across an old woman passing through on her carriage. Derrick finds the Mythic Red Wizard Book in the rear of the carriage, which he took without paying for it. From then on, Derrick’s decisions would change his life forever.


Dr. Melissa Caudle has been very busy and launched her new novel A.D.A.M. THE BEGINNING OF LIFE with huge success. Also available for summer reading is NEVER STOP RUNNING, and THE KEYSTROKE KILLER TRANSCENDENCE. You can’t go wrong with reading all of her books as her style is magical and brilliant. With five-star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub and more, her novels are a must-read for adults during the summer. Caudle is currently penning her next novel entitled SECRET ROMANCES: A FORBIDDEN THIRST FOR LOVE. In a Hallmark from book to movie tradition, this romantic comedy is sure to please all. To stay up to date on all things Caudle and her upcoming novels, go to http://www.drmelmessage.com.




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