Absolute Author L. A. Davis Debuts Second Book as #1 New Release on Amazon

where are you my children - #1 New Release

As a publisher, I take pride in all of our Absolute Authors because they are a part of our family. As such, I love to celebrate their accomplishments. Today, I get to celebrate the release of one of our authors, L.A. Davis and her new eBook “Where Are My Children?!” published by Absolute Author Publishing House and edited by senior editor, Dr. Melissa Caudle and copy edited by our junior editor Erin N. Wright. Davis’ paperback book will launch on June 1, 2019. The book took months to write and several months of editing and pre-marketing strategy. As a team, we all celebrate the fact that Davis’ second book, “Where Are My Children?!” opened up on Amazon as the #1 New Release. That is no small feat to accomplish and congratulations are in order from the author to the rest of the team who made this happen.



“I spoke with L.A. on the phone and heard her excitement,” Caudle told me. “She was overwhelmed and excited.” Davis asked, “How did this happen? I can’t believe it.” The answer is easy. When you have a well-written book that is professionally edited, a fabulous cover, and utilize pre-marketing and launch strategies things like this happen. This isn’t the first book nor will it be the last book that opens up on Amazon as the #1 New Release from Absolute Author Publishing House. Our publishing team vets our authors, their stories, and when we take them on as a book project we leave nothing to chance.

Fortunately for us, we have Dr. Melissa Caudle, who I consider a guru in book editing, publishing, and marketing, on our team. She is the one who not only edited Davis’ book, but helped to market it as well. With more than a dozen books of her own, including “The Keystroke Killer,” “Never Stop Running,” and “A.D.A.M.” she strategized how to launch and market a book, and her books launch as the #1 New Release too. During her own journey, she researched everything there was to know about launching and marketing a book and as a result, she authored “How to Launch and Market a Book: Six Month Countdown” which is our “Go To” book for all of our book’s launch plans and is what I consider a must-have resource for all authors.  In addition, Caudle freelances to help other authors launch their books too. If you are interested in Caudle’s services contact her directly at drmelcaudle@gmail.com.



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