How to Write a Press Release for a Book Launch

How to Write a Powerful Press Release to Grab Attention

After you publish your novel or book, your work as just begun; consider yourself a PR specialist. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you must market your book. In a recent blog to gain momentum for your novel. I have more than eighteen years of experience in writing and publishing press releases. What I have found, is that authors have a difficult time constructing two things; their synopsis for their book and their press release. So what is the key to writing a powerful press release? Make sure to include all parts which include:

  • The Heading & The Subtitle
  • Introductory Paragraph
  • The Main Body – the who, what, when, where, why etc.
  • About the Author or About Us if you coauthored a book
  • Contact information

Please review the below template for a Press Release. Templates make it easier for a writer to pen a press release because you are not reinventing the wheel. Please note that your press release can be modified according to your needs.

press release template

Now that you have a look at the template, I will explain the parts.


Your heading is your title.

The key to writing a powerful press release is to target your readers with a headline that is specific to your book. It must grab the attention of your reader or a journalist because that is the first thing they see. Your heading must be straight to the point and short. This is not the time to get wordy. Also, consider using a headline that is catchy to grab the reader’s attention. After that, you need a subtitle that is maybe a complete sentence that summarizes your press release.


Bloggers, media influencers and journalists are very busy and don’t have time to read a massive amount of information. In a powerful press release, less is better. Get to the point right away and provide something interesting to keep them reading. In other words, don’t include rift-raft and long details in your opening paragraph.


Now it is time to tell them about your novel. Your synopsis is great for this as it explains what your book is about. Remember to use the old fashioned writing technique and include the who, what, where, when, and why? You could also begin or end your main body with your logline. Lastly, include reviewers comments and quotes.


When you write this section, it should be boilerplate. One of the mainstays for an author is to have a powerful biography. Use it here and save yourself some time.


When you use a press release service, by law, you have to include your contact information. For some authors, this gets a little scary because that means that they have to provide their personal home address and phone number. Don’t let that scare you as Absolute Author has a press release service that is reasonable and cost-effective. They can issue your press release under their name.


 Many press release sites don’t allow the use of images; however, when you send it to journalists and bloggers, be sure to include them. In fact, I suggest you add the cover of your book and your sell sheet.


I have included one of my press releases, marked so that you can identify the parts. Use these as a guideline when you write your press release.

Here is an example of an actual press release I issued for author Dr. Melissa Caudle, an Absolute Author, for her novel Never Stop Running.

nsr press release

Distribute Your Press Release

Here’s the kicker. It can get costly to issue a press release. That is where your marketing action plan comes in handy. If you did your homework, you would already have the names and email addresses of journalists and bloggers. It’s time to put it into action. As a bonus, I’ve included thirteen sites that I issue my press releases through which are either free or very inexpensive. I will apologize in advance if these links are no longer available as I have no control over that.




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