Journey to a Distant Galaxy

Written by Dr. Carol Michaels and Dr. Melissa Caudle

December 15, 2018


I am probably opening up a can of worms by writing this blog, but I really want to have a solid debate between myself and Dr. Melissa Caudle, author of The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence. Why? I’m very much a book lover and book reader. To me there isn’t anything better than sitting and reading an enthralling book. Dr. Mel disagrees. She’s determined that watching a film or a book are equal. I’m here to prove her wrong.

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Dr. Carol: I love to cuddle up on a rainy day, get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on the time of the day and read a good book. The journey inside takes me to wonderful places and I meet new characters and get involved. I can read in my pajamas if I want too.

Dr. Mel: You can do exactly the same thing with a film. You can watch any genre you want and visually see the places and meet the characters.

Dr. Carol: I understand that, but you are letting someone else’s imagination dictate what you see and not your own as their characters are brought to life through words.

Dr. Mel: What is wrong with that? Sometimes even I need a break and I’m a novelist. I am also a filmmaker so I love to see what I wrote on the big screen.

Dr. Carol: Me too. Now you have a  point. Now that I think about it, I would love for The Keystroke Killer to become a film or television series. When I read it, it was so intriguing I remember saying this would make a powerful film.

Dr. Mel: Does this mean I won round one?

Dr. Carol: No, I say a tie, because in order for any film to be made it has to be written first.

Dr. Mel: I’ll give that one to you.


Dr. Carol: I love to creep up on a good plot in a book. I can take my time and enjoy the story as it develops.

Dr. Mel: Seriously, that’s all you got. That’s exactly how a film unfolds. The only difference is you are watching and not reading.

Dr. Carol: You can’t stop a film, walk away, then come back to it like you do a good book.

Dr. Mel: That’s not entirely accurate. If you’re at home, you control the remote control. Have you ever heard of a rewind button?

Dr. Carol: What do you do if you’re in a movie theater?

Dr. Mel: You go there with the intention of watching the movie.

Dr. Carol: I really have to think about that one. Well, you can’t lay back and get comfortable in a movie theater.

Dr. Mel: When was the last time you went to see a movie? Nowadays, they have recliners and you can get very comfy. I even bring a small lap blanket and cuddled up. It’s awesome.

Dr. Carol: Really? They have reclining chairs in movie theaters?

Dr. Mel: I promise, how about let’s go see one.

Dr. Carol: I think I’d like that.

Dr. Mel: Does this mean I won round two?

Dr. Carol: Not at all, I’m expanding my horizons.

Dr. Mel: Now that you think about it, a good book does expand a person’s horizon.

Dr. Carol: Does this mean I won round two?

Dr. Mel: I’d call it a draw.

Dr. Carol: Agreed. Now let me tell you about this latest book I’m editing.

Dr. Mel: It can’t be any better than the one I’m writing.

Dr. Carol: Silly, it’s yours, Never Stop Running.

Dr. Mel: Okay, you won both battles. Books are better than films.


Dr. Carol Michaels is the CEO of Absolute Authors and is a professional editor and publisher.

copy__2__of_mexico_missions_028Dr. Melissa Caudle is an American Author best known for The Keystroke Killer and is one of the top freelance editors for Absolute Authors.

Her next NEVER STOP RUNNING book will soon be made available as will A.D.A.M.

Dr. Mel’s Website    Dr. Mel’s Blog

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