One of the most difficult things for an author, once his or her book is completed, is to market it. We were born to be writers, not marketers. However, writers must become marketers if they stand a chance to compete with the millions of other books published. Here at Absolute Author, we are here to help you with your marketing strategies. As an author, would you sit down to write your novel without the appropriate tools? I think not. Then why market your book without them? You shouldn’t as your marketing strategy will not be effective.

Here is what you need to effectively market your book.

  1. A One Sheet – A one sheet is a single document which highlights your book that you should have available to give to book reviewers, newspapers, magazines, bookstores etc. Your business card isn’t effective as it does not have the information needed. The most important items to include in your one sheet is:
  • Your Name
  • The Book’s Name and the Book’s Cover
  • The Book’s Genre
  • Catchy Headline
  • Three paragraphs – 1. Introduce yourself  2. Introduce Book  3. Call to Action – Where to purchase the book.
  • Contact Information
  • Email address, phone number, and author website 2.  A Flip Book Trailer – A flip book trailer is a twenty to thirty-second video that highlights the elements in your book. They are important as they give readers a chance to look inside your book for the format and style and it is the perfect opportunity for showcase what other readers think about your book. Here is a sample from Dr. Melissa Caudle’s novel The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence.

    3. A Book Trailer – Long are the days where someone is going to pick up your book because of the front cover. Yes, that is important. However, readers want to be drawn into your book visually and a book trailer is the perfect means to accomplish this. Think of your book trailer as if it were a film. When creating a book trailer, make sure it is catchy and meets the tone and genre of your book. Here is a sample from Dr. Melissa Caudle’s novel The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence.

4. Author Website – An author website is a must. Luckily for you, here at Absolute Author, when we publish your free author interview, we put you on an individual subpage. It’s like having your own webpage. This is a free service to authors although other services are available for a minimal fee to help market and promote your book. With that said, if you have your own website, be sure to backlink this page to it. It will increase views.

5. Book Reviews – Book reviews are a must, and I don’t mean the ones your friends and family write for you on Amazon. Although they are important, having a professional reviewer is key. Why? When you have a professional reviewer read and review your book it carries weight with your readers. Fortunately here at Absolute Author, we have one of the best. Dr. Carol Michaels who worked for more than two decades as a publisher and/or journalist and has written hundreds of reviews. She offers her service at a valuable rate.

6. Press Release – Don’t under-estimate the power of a press release. Not only will a press release give your book coverage it will also get your name and your book into listings for web searches. The more press, the better your book sells. One thing we at Absolute Author have discovered is that authors have a difficult time writing press releases. We offer this service at a fraction of a cost. We also offer a one stop where we can submit your press releases too. How? Dr. Carol Michaels has a solid network of reporters and journalists from her two decades of working in the industry. Your homework is already completed. So, this service from Absolute Author is two-fold; e.g., a well-written press release and distribution to at least 300 news sites which includes NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN and more. Other distribution sites charge from $250 up to $1,000 dollars for this service. Here at Absolute Author can do it for a lot less because of our network.

7. Book Tour – It is essential that authors meet the readers who purchase their books. Sometimes the cost of travel is a forbidden factor. However, consider hosting an online book tour and publicize it on Facebook. This is where all of the other marketing materials are needed to advertise and to promote your tour.

8. Author Blogging – Yes, blogging is important. Many authors don’t use this resource to promote their own writing because they don’t have the time to maintain a blog. Guess what? You can guest blog on Absolute Author and one of our Absolute Author’s Dr. Melissa Caudle, the author of The Keystroke Killer, Never Stop Running and A.D.A.M. also has agreed to allow other Absolute Authors to guest blog on  This is a  perfect answer to your blogging problem. You can be a guest blogger as much or as little as you want. This is a wonderful way to share with your readers and it gives you backlinks as well. So, what are you waiting on? Become a guest blogger and social media influencer today.

8. Tweet About Your Book – You can reach hundreds of potential readers by tweeting your book’s information. So, don’t miss this opportunity. The key to tweeting, is do it often, if not daily and be sure to use your hashtags. Hashtags are important as they help to draw potential readers to your subject matter.

9. Use Social Media to Promote Your Book – Get on as many social media sites that you can. Readers love the personal human factor. So, allow them to get to know you as a person and not just as an author. Use Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and Pinterest effectively and often. Don’t just advertise your book, let them get to know you.

10. Create a Viral Video – As crazy as this may sound, do a viral video type of ad for your book and post it to your Facebook site and on Youtube. Get creative and use your imagination. If you don’t have the capability of creating your own, we have a team of film producers and graphic artists who can help you with a concept. Take a look at a couple of video ads below that Dr. Melissa Caudle used for her book The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence. Notice how different they are from her book trailer and flip book trailer they are. What she accomplished here is targeting her audience in a fun and creative way. These ads caught the attention of her readers before they knew they were about a novel and she capitalized on dog owners, cat owners, and happy dancers.

11. Create an Email Signature – A simple and free method to advertise your book is to create a specialized email signature which also includes your author website, a small ad about your book and a link to purchase your book.

12.  Take Your Book to Your Readers – This is where a large purse or backpack comes in handy. You can’t sell your books when your out and about if you don’t have one with you. Of course, you can always guide your readers to the Amazon page and have them purchase the book immediately, but there is nothing better than to have your book on hand and offer to autograph it for them. Again, this brings out the human factor and readers love an autographed copy.

13. Set up at Craft fairs, book fairs and if Appropriate ComaCon – Again, it is important that you as an author is seen and you interact with the public. Craft fairs are perfect for this. A more expensive approach and only if it fits your genre, get a small booth at Comicon. You meet thousands of people who want to meet you.

14. Start an Email List – Keep in contact with your readers and start an email list. As you write and publish more books, you will have an automatic list to use to promote it. The easiest way I have found is to use Mailchimp. It is free for the first 2,000 subscribers. Then, once a week, send an email. Don’t push your book, let it sell itself. But share other things like book reviews, your book tour or write a short story and include in it.

15. Take Advantage of Advertising Your Book on Absolute Author Sidebar – Absolute Author gets thousands of clicks per day on our website. You can take advantage of our followers by purchasing an ad on the sidebar for your book.

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