In today’s blog I am covering why you should consider converting your E-Book or paperback into an audiobook and the equipment you will need.

Audible books or audiobooks are very popular in the market for a novelist. It is almost a must in order for an author to remain competitive in the market. So, move over E-books and paperbacks, the audiobook is taking over.

Research has shown that audiobooks are the fastest growing market for authors, so it’s time to get on board. As frustrating and difficult as it may sound, it is easier than you might think. According to The Wall Street Journal, audiobooks are a $2.5 billion industry and is growing. Why? They are convenient and readers who commute listen to their books, not read them. It’s easy on the eyes in a world where the computer screen and our cell phones are a huge part of our culture.

If you want to expand your reader base, one of the quickest ways is to turn your novel into an audiobook. In this blog, I’m addressing the ins and outs for authors, and the variety of ways to get your novel converted into an audible book format. Are you ready?


There are a variety of reasons for the growth of audiobooks. Consider these:

  1. Readers are constantly on the go using various modes of transportation:
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Cars
  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Spaceflights (Okay, only a handful)
  1. Although audiobooks have been around for some time, readers want them more today than ever. That means you need to convert your novel in order to meet the supply and demand.
  2. It may be difficult for you to comprehend, but there are people who love books who can not read. Audiobooks makes it easy for a blind person to get involved or a person who is not in the position to read for themselves. I remember when I was so sick in the hospital I couldn’t hold my head up, couldn’t watch television because of my blurred vision, but I could listen to a powerful story in audiobook form. Others may not know how to read.


There is less competition for audiobooks than there are for paperbacks and E-Books. That means the potential for your earning power increases and audiobooks never sell out. Also, the process is probably simpler than you imagine with a variety of services at your disposal.


There are a couple of ways:

  • Have it produced, hire a voiceover narrator and the final editor
  • Produce it yourself, hire the voiceover narrator and go to a recording studio
  • Produce it yourself, purchase the equipment and narrate it yourself
  • Or, a combination of the above

That leaves you with the big question – Do you do-it-yourself or hire it done?

There are pros and cons to both means. Of course, if you hire it done it will be professional; but it could be costly to hire the producer, the narrator and rent the recording studio. The fees range depending on your area and could cost $1,000 or more. Ouch! What indie author can afford that?

The Basic Equipment

Now, if you choose to produce it yourself, you will have to purchase the equipment for quality control, audition the narrator and become responsible for editing the final product. Wow! Before you get off this gravy train, it’s not as expensive as you might think. Let me explain.

To produce your audiobook yourself, you will need quality equipment. You probably already have a computer which is the largest expense. Here are the items you will need:

  • A desktop computer, the newer the better
  • A quality XLR microphone
  • A pop filter to cover the microphone
  • A stand, preferably one that attaches to your desk
  • A USB2 multimixer that connects my XLR mic to the USB port on your computer
  • A quiet place to record with carpet to prevent noise bounce from the floor
  • Audacity (A free software program to record and edit your files. Click on the link to download it.)

Now you might be thinking that sounds like a lot of money. Not really, one of my authors bought her entire equipment on Amazon is a complete package for less than $100. She produced it herself, held narration auditions to find the perfect voice although she could have read it herself and saved that money. Your goal is to research the equipment and find what you need.

Here is a package I found on Amazon. No, I don’t get any money for promoting these packages, they are just examples.

download (1)Aokeo AK-70 Professional Studio Live Stream Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone With AK-35 Suspension Scissor Arm Stand, Shock Mount, Pop Filter, USB Sound Card and Mounting Clamp. This complete system was under $80 and can be shipped in less than three days to your home. You will also need the pop filter which costs less than $10.

tonor-condenser-microphone-set-recording-mic-with-suspension-boom-scissor-arm-stand-with-built-in-xlr-cable-and-pop-filter-shock-mount-holder-and-48v- (1)Here is another brand the Tonor Condenser Microphone set recording mic with a suspension book scissor arm stand with a built in XLR cable and pop filter shock mount holder and a 48V phantom power supply with an adapter kit.




You will also need a pop filter shown below which range from $8 to $25 dollars.


There are dozens of more examples of equipment. Just make sure to do your due diligence to determine what will best fit your needs.

In my upcoming blogs, I will be discussing how to find a narrator, holding online auditions, what you should have them narrate once you find them, the files you will need to create and how to publish your audiobook So, if you haven’t signed up for the Absolute Author Blog, please consider clicking below to follow this series in this timely blog.


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